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I’ll never give up
Before I die
I may have a streak of Luck

The wizard of Menlo Park
Tom Edison
He thought of a way to bring light to the night
It took 1,000s of tries before it was right
He found many things that would glow for a while
But nothing that would last for more than a trial
His vision was clear he would have his way
There was something that would turn nite into day
Legend has it it was more than 10,000 he tried
He never gave up he would not be denied
Some say what incredible creativity
I say it looks a lot more like tenacity

I’ll never give up
Before I die
I may have a streak of Luck

Ward Davis: Wooden Toy Maker

This month’s artist of the month is Ward Davis, our wooden toy maker. If you haven’t seen his
things yet, you are going to want to stop in and take a look. He has trains, planes, and automobiles. An ark with lots of animals. Giraffes and dogs you can pull behind you on a string just like in the good old days. And because they’re sturdily made of child-safe materials, they will last into the next generation and beyond.

Not looking for a toy? We have lots of other fun things for the young at heart. Anthony
Ferrerese’s whimsical animals will make you laugh. (A chicken on roller skates, anyone?) Pretty
jewelry, amusing pictures, even pillows with cats on them. Come by and see!



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