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Everything is as trait
As it is transitory

So much of what I thinking do
Has no more weight than the morning due
I get all worked up and rush around
And very soon I will be under ground
Today I’ll breathe slowly and calm my mind
Be grateful, generous and always kind
It’s all small stuff and cannot last
Be joyful, happy and make life a blast

Everything is as trite
As it is transitory

-Dean A. Roberts
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Downtown Oneonta Over 100 Years Ago


A recent visitor to the History Center brought in this postcard of Main Street. Postmarked 1910, the message on the reverse mentions a plane crash, probably during an air show at the Oneonta Fair. The Bissell Block, the oldest brick building on Main Street, is at the right of the card. That’s Walter Brown’s Hardware at the corner in what is now the History Center. Note the wall ad for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Rough Riders’ appearance in Oneonta. There’s still a bulkhead for deliveries at the front of the hardware store. The building to the west of the Bissell Block has a blade sign of a pair of eyeglasses. At the corner of Chestnut and Main is a trolley. Across the street from Brown’s is a sign on the sidewalk for Laskaris Delicious Ice Cream & Cream Soda. John Laskaris opened his shop on the south side of Main Street in 1898. When Walter Brown retired in 1916 he would move into the hardware store’s space.


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