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Shop Your Size

Shop Your Sizetransitions

What does that mean? To me you shop “your” size.  That doesn’t mean you try on a pair of pants and they are a size 6 so every pair of pants you try on must-read size 6.  Doesn’t mean you try on a top that reads medium and every medium top will fit.

Since owning Transition’s Consignment Boutique, I can’t tell you how many women come to the shoppe with only a certain size in mind.  I suggest a top and they become apprehensive because they never wanted to wear “that” size.

These days depending on brand, manufacturing, or style, your size may vary.  When you walk into my boutique the first thing I will say is  “Welcome”.  Next, I will let you know the shoppe is arranged by style and color.  My hope is to get you to start thinking outside your size!
Yes, you must try items on, irrelevant of size.  Who is reading the size label?  No one is sneaking into your closet in the middle of the night and reporting to the world what size you are wearing.  Time to get over it!  Yes, that may be tough love, but I want you to feel beautiful in everything you are wearing. The only way that is going to happen is if you wear the correct fit!  Don’t try to squeeze into something too small, it will show everything you want to hide.  Don’t try to wear something too big, it will look like you are wearing a sack of potatoes.  Take your time.  Try the items on.  Open your eyes to the color and the style, size comes last!  There is something out there for you.  You will look amazing in your new outfit.  I promise.

For those who are in-between sizes, choose a few items that fit you properly.  Make them interchangeable for multiple outfits.  Once you’ve reached your new goal you can always choose a sustainable way to pass these gems on.

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