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Homer Folks Tuberculosis Hospital

Homer Folks Tuberculosis Hospital (HFTH) was one of several New York hospitals dedicated to serving TB patients. The hospital operated from 1935 to 1973 on its West Street grounds. The state-owned property today includes the Oneonta Job Corps Academy (OJCA). For several years OJCA has worked with the Greater Oneonta Historical Society to remember the site’s history with displays of photos, facts, and memorabilia of the hospital.

By every indication, HFTH was a caring institution. Patients of all ages led active lives, with fresh air being encouraged, as shown in the photo of patients in the solaria or open sun porches. Many of the patients also made arts and crafts, including pottery. Former hospital patients and staff and their families remember the vases and other items made by the patients at Homer Folks. Few of these historical artifacts have been identified. If you have items – or photos of items – made by HFTH patients, please contact the Greater Oneonta Historical Society: or (607) 432-0960.


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